Frederi⏀ue T. 

Creative Intelligence Practitioner / Curatorial Director

My interests lie primarily in exploring new systems of governance, new value systems that do not really exist based on our present understanding of success and profits and in creating experiential fields and ritualistic formats that engage and superpose different modalities and disciplines.

My curatorial process is mental, spiritual and polymath in nature

led by an affinity with the liminal space allowing for unknown possibilities. It is a balancing act between interconnecting multiple fields, and developing intelligent economies and networked partnerships to influence new channels of distribution with an agency to shift the way we align ourselves in society. 

"I am in a non-market form of production cultivating prosperity in its purest form.”

My journey started in 2012 with a curatorial space Hotel Particulier. It was prototypical with many trials along great meetings of minds.

I founded Hotel Particulier with the purpose of bringing different fields together in new undefined and transitive formats from the traditional modes of art and commerce. I generated numerous projects at the nexus of art, fashion, design, film, performance and sound with collaborators and artists from the above and underground. Hotel Particulier was at first a discreet curated establishment nestled in an old loading dock in Soho New York before transitioning to a remote curatorial platform in 2015 until 2019.

I also lent my mind to the creation of a residency program in 2018 for creatives and digital entrepreneurs 

developing sustainable consumer products, with a portion of their time collectively working on a scalable social impact business venture.

"When talents from different fields come together and challenge one another by working towards a common project, unexpected results can happen. Fostering such an environment can be a game changer for our society."

In 2020, I placed my practice in incubation mode and asked myself: how can I be best of service? I took the following decree: 

"My true heart desire is to develop new systems of creation with multiple economies and currencies, and to mythologize new stories for our psyche based on super abundance and love instead of scarcity and greed. I look forward to linking my creativity with others and of being of service to co-create these new fields, to go over the threshold and to lead super human lives on this Earth.”

I am pursuing my practice with the [working title] of under our to explore these new fields and to further partake to the transformation economy.

It is a continuous process of thought refinement, deep listening and heighten presence with a radical self-responsibility, self-leadership and ultimate sovereignty.

I have taught and lectured about curatorial and creative intelligence practices at Parsons The New School, The Royal College of Art London, and The University of Pennsylvania.

In 2019, Parsons the New School invited me to develop and teach a course about ‘Designing a Fashion Experience’ and how brands must now lean into the experience and transformation economy to create meaningful physical and digital experiences that transcend value beyond their product or service.

I designed the course as a dual format of lecture/studio prototype; with a polymathic syllabus spanning multiple fields (branding, media, contemporary art, art performance, blockchain tech, web 3.0, digital finance, video game design, food, architecture & design, sound, and creative & curatorial direction)

I offered this elective for two consecutive years at the graduate level, to all schools, to ignite an interdisciplinary approach and an experience of teaming on the fly.



My curatorial projects have appeared in publications such as W Magazine, Wall Street journal, Artsy, Surface Magazine, BOF, Visionaire, Musée Magazine, Fast Company, Architectural Digest, Vice and Vogue. 

I am a nomad. I hold both French and American nationalities Prior to leading a nomadic lifestyle, I resided in New York for 20 years until 11/2020.


I can be reached at


When attitude becomes form

In the greater geography of ideas, many people influence my work such as Harald Szeemann, Cedric PriceRoy Ascott, Buckminster Fuller, John DeweyRudolf Steiner, Hildegarde De BigenJames Lee Byars, Ervin Lazlo, Stan Van Der BeekBarbara Marx Hubbard, Hermann Hesse, Joseph Beuys to name a few.

I sense that long years of preparation for what I do not know have ended. A new destiny is unfolding before me.

From Gertrude Bell.